Roller press-briquetter PBV is used for briquetting of various raw materials (a grass, straw, sawdust, peat, coal and so forth). To bricketed raw materials aren't shown such rigid requirements on humidity, as at a granulation in matrix granulators PGM. Received briquettes can be the cylindrical or spherical (flattened) form, and also any other form at will of the customer.

The hydraulic press PVG serves for pressing salvage in compact briquettes: papers for recycling, plastic, rubbers and so forth. Technical characteristics of offered models PVG are resulted in the table.

Screw press-briquetter PBSh is to form briquettes from various bulk materials. Unlike matrix pellet, a granule is prepared by rolling rollers material through a die and roll briquetter, in which the pellets are formed between the rotating rolls in a screw briquetter main member is a screw, which moves the high pressure feed to the spinneret and push it therethrough, It produces briquettes desired configuration.
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