Technological line of Bonemeal production TLKM

Bone, and also meat-bone meal are valuable products for forageproduction. Fiber containing in them is necessary for the balanced food of pets and a bird. However existing production technologies of a Bonemeal it is enough energetically unprofitable and consequently limit their wide application.

The way of processing of bones of animals offered by us and birds is based on cavitation to processing meat-bone remains, at these raw materials is effectively crushed and disinfected, and also drying with small power inputs of the processed material in vacuum low-temperature dryers SNV.

Characteristics of Technological lines of Bonemeal production TLKM

Models TLKM-0,25 TLKM-0,5 ТTLKM-1,0 TLKM-2,0 TLKM-3,0 TLKM-4,0
Productivity on an initial product, kg/h 250 500 1000 2000 3000 4000
Productivity on an end-product, kg/h (from 80 % of humidity to final 10%) 55 110 220 440 660 880
Power, kw/h 43 67 90 121 164 222

Processing order meat-bone raw materials the following. At first the raw materials are crushed on Biowaste shredder IBO also the Ship. Then the raw materials are loaded into the bunker cavitator KIP (1) and are exposed cavitacion (2). Carefully crushed and disinfected raw materials arrive on separation in modulу SOSh (3) which separates liquid fat-water fraction. The firm rest screw the conveyor подаетмся in vacuum dryer SNV (5). Fat separates from water in fatty separator SZh (4).