At us the capacities on which the equipment offered by us is made. Their possibilities are very high and allow to carry out Orders of our partners for manufacture of various hardware.

We render following services:

I. Manufacturing of the non-standard equipment

We develop, we make and we introduce the process equipment of any complexity. Also we undertake to make details and knots of mechanisms and cars under drawings of Customers. We the designer will help you to execute 3D-designing of products in modern CAD-programs, and highly skilled experts will make them on our floor spaces.

II. Tool manufacture

Presence of the special equipment, highly-skilled personnel and long-term experience allow to make production of the excellent quality, corresponding to the European standards. Our specialisation is on manufacturing of stamps, compression moulds, special equipment, and also the special and cutting tool.

III. Metal designs

The design department of our company carries out all kinds of design works for release non-standard metal designs, both on the basis of drawings of the customer, and under the presented sketches. The design documentation is carried out with 3D-modelling use according to the accepted standards.

We carry out a full complex of works on manufacture of qualitative metal designs, from designing before professional installation.

IV. Metal working

Our mechanical manufacture allows to make hardware:

• Turning processing of products in diameter to 3000 mm and length to 5000 mm;

• Milling processing of products of 1200 mm х 4000 mm;

• Planing works to 1200 mm х 4000 mm;

• Boring works (dimensions of a table of 1000 mm х 1000 mm);

• Koordinatno-boring works (dimensions of 500 mm х500 mm);

• Manufacturing of cogwheels to 400 mm.

On a procuring site there is an equipment, allowing to make open and гибку profiles from metal sheet: 

• Cabin of sheet in the thickness to 12 mm, width to 3000 mm;

• It is flexible sheet in the thickness to 8 mm, width to 3000 mm;

• Open and it is sharp sheet in the thickness to 150 mm;

• Assemblage and welding Metal designs in weight to 20 т;

• Welding of products in the environment of carbonic gas, неплавящимся an electrode, gas welding, gas cutting;

• Punching with effort to 100 т and the size of a table 600 mm х 600 mm;

• Thermal processing of details: to 600 mm and length to 1200 mm;

• Manufacturing of welded designs and frames of any complexity under drawings of the customer.

For Order realisation it is possible to send the message in shape "Contact us", to fill the Order, or to call by phone +7 495 9782532.