Recycling of a film

The polyethylene film is the basic material for packing of the food and industrial goods, and also the basic covering material for hothouses.
A significant amount of a packing material in the form of FDW (firm domestic waste) gathers on industrial centers of recycling and storage of a city waste.
Collected and packed in mechanical or hydraulic presses the film material arrives on processing enterprises for sorting, clearings, crushing and granulation.
The basic technical parameters TLPP are resulted in the table.

The most part of food and chemical liquids in volume from 0,25 and to 5,0 liters spreads in plastic (PET-POLYESTER) bottles. A large quantity of the used bottles collected in big cities is taken out on the centralized ranges of gathering of a firm household waste (FHW). In several regions of Russian Federation gathering, sorting and recycling of PET-BOTTLES, for example in Moscow suburbs, and in Komi is organized. We offer line TLPB collected from modules of the modern high-efficiency ecological equipment.

The crushed, sorted and cleared plastic raw materials arrive on a granulation line.
Sometimes, at great volumes of processing, on an input of plastic granulation line is established bale opening machine from which the plastic raw materials (PE, PET, PP) arrive in the loading bunker of extruder for processing in granules.

Production of modern strong, plastic products of different function (building materials, landscape gardening designs) is carried out onextrusion technological line.
For production of constructional panels and other products as raw materials serves granulated PVC. Plastic forms are developed on the special equipment consisting from:

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