Cement production

Rotary dismembator DRS is intended for crushing of rubber, wood waste and other materials. The acceptable fraction of processed raw materials can be 1-5 sm, Dismembrator crushes it in a crumb of 1-2 mm. DRS it is very effective for the rubber crumb dispersing received after crushing of autotyres or other dimensional GMRG in Shredder Sh1R or Milling utilizer UFSh.

The grinder-pastepreparer KIP is the essentially new kind of the equipment used in emulsions and suspensions production of various technical appointments. It is also a fine homogenizer. Work of KIP is based on a cavitational principle. The cavitation phenomena are known in hydrodynamics as the phenomena destroying designs of hydrocars, courts, and pipelines. The cavitation can arise in a liquid at turbulent streams and also at influence of ultrasound on a liquid. Skillful management of a cavitation gives the chance to apply these machines in technological processes.

High rates of civil and industrial building demand use new original, non-polluting and not expensive building materials. We offer a lineup from the technological lines developing facing materials from accessible raw materials, including from secondary material resources, an industrial production waste.

Into structure of technological lines TLSM (see the table) can enter from one to four modules, depending on used raw materials.


The cavitational grinder-pasterpreparer KIP is included in structure of technological line for various finishing building materials production. It is a fine dispersant and homogenizer (amalgamator). A raw material crushing is possible in it till the sizes of particles less than 5 micron.

High power consumption, technological complexity and bulkiness of cement production process are caused mainly by that circumstance that about 85 % of the electric power spent for manufacture of cement, it is necessary on crushing of raw materials and grinding, thus 75 % of energy are spent for a grinding.

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