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Technological line of vitamin-grassy meal production TLVTM

It is possible to offer some variants of technological lines assemblage for preparation VGF, depending on initial raw materials and a demanded product of processing. In the table characteristics of complexes with settlement productivity on the received product of 500 kg/h, 1000 kg/h and 2000 kg/h are resulted. On initial raw materials productivity can be several times above. For example, at grass drying a considerable quantity of moisture evaporates and for reception 1 tn of product it is necessary to overwork 3-4 tn damp vegetative raw materials.

The technology allows to process strongly damp grass. However it is recommended for economy of the electric power cure a new-mown grass under natural conditions in rollings. Thus, for three-four hours humidity of a grass can decrease, for example, from 75 % to 55 %.

Technological line TLVTM allows to process agricultural manufacture waste and it is the combined complex making three kinds of production: vitamin-grass flour (VGF), vitamin-grass granules (VGG) and a vitamin-grass concentrate (VGC).

Complex TLVTM includes following basic modules:

1. Reception bunker
2. Scraper conveyor
3. Screw conveyor
4. Delivery bunker
5. Top internal block
6. Drum-type drier
7. Unloading bunker
8. Cyclone  
 9. The mechanism of drum rotation
10. Rotary-seave mill
11. Amalgamator bunker
12. Pelleting press matrix
13. Scraper conveyor
14. Column of cooling
15. Fan
16. Scraper conveyor

It is possible to include Grinder of forages IRS in a line if initial raw materials have fraction more than 2 sm.

For reception of liquid forages by good addition to TLVTM there will be a Cavitational grinder KIP in paste of any agricultural production of high humidity. It can be used for manufacture of a vitamin-grassy concentrate from a crude grass without drying.

Characteristics of vitamin-grassy flour production technological line are resulted in the table.

Characteristics of Technological lines of vitamin-grassy meal production TLVTM











5, 8, 10, 14




5, 8, 10, 14




5, 8, 10, 14